Hints and tips

We know the application process can be daunting. Our tips are aimed to help make the journey a little easier.

The kind of person we're looking for:
  • Someone who is clever and enjoys engaging their brain
  • Someone who takes responsibility and thinks for themselves
  • Someone who wants to join in - who will work well as part of a team and will contribute to the firm as a whole
  • Someone that understands that a law firm is a people-based business and has good communications skills
  • Someone who is passionate about a career in the law
  • Someone who wants to succeed but not at the expense of their colleagues
At fairs and presentations:
  • Spend some time, however brief, on preparation - look in the fair guide
  • Prepare a few questions to ask to all law firms
  • Be enthusiastic
On our application form:
  • Fill in your application form carefully - we do care about typos, poor grammar and punctuation
  • Tailor your application form to us - your application should demonstrate why you have chosen to apply to Bristows rather than looking like one of 50 applications you have submitted to any city law firm
  • Let your form give a flavour of you as a person - you don't need to go over the top trying to sell yourself
  • Get your form in on time - we can tell when an application form has been rushed and submitted at the last time, so give yourself the best chance and prepare your application form early
At video interview:
  • Be professional – you may be interviewing from home or university but you should still dress the part and present yourself as if interviewing in person
  • Try to use a plain/neutral background – you don’t want the reviewer to be distracted by the television or wall of posters behind you
  • Find somewhere quiet where you will not be interrupted during your recording – each response has a time limit so you should be free from distraction to make the most of that time
  • Make use of your practice time – the video interview system offers unlimited practice time before you record your answers so take advantage of the opportunity as this can help calm your nerves
  • Try to engage with the camera rather than the screen – it may be difficult to ignore yourself but Launchpad has a handy blurring tool that may help you with this
At interview:
  • Be on time for your interview – if this is your first time making the journey to the office, set off early so you can locate us ahead of time, then use your spare time for last-minute prep in a nearby coffee shop
  • If something unexpected goes wrong with your journey we will understand, but please do try to contact us so we can let your interviewers know
  • Look the part - smart and professional
  • Listen to the question and give full and relevant answers - be wary of waffling or going off on a tangent
  • Be yourself - the interview is about you as an individual
  • You need to be able to convince us that you want to be a solicitor and that you want to join Bristows
  • Ask questions – the interview is a two-way process so you should use the opportunity to find out about Bristows too

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