Tech Summit 2022

London / In person

Unlock tomorrow with the latest tech industry insights.

Our team of leading experts tackled the most important legal and commercial issues that are facing the technology industry.

You can watch the recordings from each of the sessions below. Alternatively, read a summary of the event in our article "Tech Summit 2022: What did we learn?"


The future of Adtech

What is the future of Adtech? The sector is changing rapidly, and with regulatory pressure shaping how data is used, it requires a rethink of approach.

We considered the state of regulatory enforcement and the impact of the replacements for third party cookies, and what this means for Adtech’s future.

AI projects are key for organisations trying to unlock value from their data; but what are the emerging commercial models?

We looked at strategic collaborations, data platforms and licensing deals, as well as the current regulatory landscape, focusing on practical considerations for those developing and leveraging AI.

What is the metaverse? Is it really a lawless Wild West?

In this informative session we unpacked the technology behind the platform, highlighting several of the legal challenges and especially those related to data privacy, intellectual property and tax.

How do you know if it's worth holding out for a better contractual position from your technology provider? Have you conceded something that your competitors wouldn't?

We looked at the key clauses in technology contracts and highlight key market trends to help you negotiate deals efficiently and effectively.

The Roadmap Podcast

Our technology lawyers dive into the digital transformation trends that are re-shaping modern businesses, even entire industries, and explain what our clients need to understand in order to add value to their business.

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