The Value Of A Bristows Workshop


When I applied to the Winter Workshop at Bristows, I had no real idea what the job entailed. Armed with my love for science, a complete lack of skill in the lab and an eagerness to understand how scientific development can apply in the commercial world, I attended the two day Workshop.

Overall the two days were an incredibly valuable experience for me. We were given engaging presentations by several departments which helped me to understand the sort of work a lawyer does and what skills I would need to be successful. Over the two days there were two case studies for us to take part in and really hone the skills we had been learning about from the talks. These hands-on learning opportunities really clarified in my mind the sort of work a lawyer would do, both on the whole and on a day-to-day basis, which is an understanding that I don’t think you would get unless you’ve worked in a similar profession before.

The Workshop also included a “speed networking” session, which involved the attendees having the opportunity to speak to a range of people from the firm occupying different jobs and levels of seniority. This was a unique opportunity to understand how the firm fits together, but also get a real insight into career progression by speaking to lawyers at different stages of their career. Bristows’ fabled friendly environment could not have been more evident as everyone I spoke to was both welcoming and passionate about what they do and the ethos at the firm.

The socialising didn’t stop there as a social evening with the current trainees gave a relaxed environment to discover even more about the firm and a chance to find out what life was really like as a trainee here (thumbs up all round).

The Workshop confirmed in my mind that Bristows was the place for me and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who thinks a career in law, science or both is the path for them!

Of course like at any vacation scheme or open day, there are a complete range of people, from those who know they have wanted to be a commercial lawyer their whole life, to people who are exploring new career paths. A key piece of advice would be to not let other people’s knowledge intimidate you when attending an open day or workshop. Certainly read up on the firm and get an idea of the type of work that we do and have a think about events in the commercial and legal spheres and how they might impact our work and clients, but it’s important to remember, these are learning experiences and the perfect opportunity to ask all the questions you need to decide if a career at Bristows is right for you!

Jack Hostick