The Science/ Engineering Open Day: 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend


The Science and Engineering Open Day at Bristows is a unique chance to gain a snapshot into how a technical background can be utilised in law. It aims to highlight what skills a legal career requires, the type of work and people Bristows attracts, and most importantly to provide a feel for whether or not this could be an exciting career for you.

As an Engineering student I remember being unusually curious/undecided about which career path to tread after university. The more traditional routes into science, engineering (or dare I say it, finance) certainly had their appeal, but the allure of law (see Jake’s blog for more on this) made it worth looking into. However, my experiences until then had mainly been of an industrial/laboratory/sporting flavour; so attending an open day had the following advantages:

1. It provided the chance to analyse how a science/engineering degree can be applied directly – outside lab, industry or management focussed roles. Unlike more general open days, this particular one has an IP focus. It consisted of a host of interesting talks and case studies, an insight into the world-leading clients Bristows works with, and a chance to learn about the experiences of other scientists who pursued legal careers.

2. It presented the skills required by a lawyer in general but also the geekier attributes favoured at Bristows. A law firm’s Open Day should provide an inside view into working life at that firm – to me it showcased the broad benefits of working for a full service law firm known for its TMT and Life Sciences focus.

3. Networking – there were a number of opportunities to speak to lawyers at various stages of their careers, both after presentations and during more informal refreshment breaks. This informal style of Q&A can be far more approachable than formal vacation schemes or work placements if you’re still weighing up your career options.

I would strongly urge you to apply for this open day if you’re a scientist/engineer – when the meeting rooms are named after famous scientists, engineers (including Brunel!) and London pubs, you’re guaranteed a good time.