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With the competition authorities becoming increasingly active in the use of their investigative powers – and with certain UK offences punishable by imprisonment / director disqualification and given the imposition of significant fines – sound compliance advice has never been more important.

We have extensive experience of delivering bespoke practical compliance programmes that make it easy for clients and their employees to understand the rules governing their activities and what they need to do to comply with them.  We also provide on-site compliance training for all levels of businesses including senior management.

We help companies to prepare for potential investigations so that they can be ready to respond appropriately and protect their rights. This includes the provision of on-site dawn raid training, dawn raid simulations and internal audits - for example, if clients suspect anti-competitive conduct.  Our dedicated team of lawyers has considerable experience in providing support during such investigations, advising clients from the initial 'dawn raid' or request for information and throughout the investigative process. We have particular expertise in handling the legal privilege issues that can arise in dawn raid situations.

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