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Copyright and database rights


We help our clients to protect and enhance the value of their copyright assets. We are known for our expertise in the exploitation of copyright works and databases, as well as our experience in disputes relating to misuse or infringement.

We work closely with clients across the whole range of creative industries, including music, television, digital and print media and publishing, design and consumer products. We regularly confront the issues facing clients relating to software copyright infringement, the misuse of confidential information and databases and contractual claims arising from the overuse of licensed assets.

Our clients include leading independent music publishing houses, a global internet search engine, financial institutions, leading global computer gaming publishers, fashion companies, furniture manufacturers, a leading music streaming company, one of the country’s largest cinema chains, website owners, hosts and ISPs, broadcasters and television programme producers, collective right management organisations, magazine and newspaper publishers, an information data and analytics provider and global software companies.

In our recent copyright work we have advised or represented:

  • A Norwegian collecting society in Court of Appeal proceedings regarding copyright issues concerning satellite broadcasts and the communication to the public right
  • A computer software provider on using copyright and database rights to protect their assets worldwide
  • A leading computer games publisher in High Court proceedings restraining by injunction the sale and supply of “cheats” and “bots” in the online gaming platform.
  • Various fashion companies on numerous design and copyright infringement matters regarding clothing and accessories
  • A leading music streaming company on copyright issues regarding new products in development
  • A European bank on architectural copyright issues regarding building renovations
  • A wallpaper and fabrics design company on various copyright disputes
  • A social media website regarding use of photographs online
  • An ISP on take down and web-blocking notices
  • A carpet company regarding unauthorised use of their designs in the leisure industry
  • An information data company on potential infringements of its database rights
  • NLA media access, the newspaper industry collective rights organisation, including past reported cases such as the Copyright Tribunal decisions  in Cutbot Ltd v The Newspaper Licensing Agency Ltd CT 120/12 and CT123/13, and Meltwater Holding BV and others v NLA Ltd CT114/09, and the various decisions of the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and CJEU regarding copyright in newspaper headlines and cuttings, online copyright and linking/browsing: [2010] EWHC 3099 (Ch); [2011] EWCA Civ 890; [2013] UKSC 18; C‑360/13
  • Various financial institutions facing claims that they have overused software, in breach of the terms of software licences
  • A financial publisher in respect of ongoing infringements of its databases and data feeds.
  • An insurance company which had suffered a data loss incident and needed to prohibit the misuse of its data
  • A recruitment agency in respect of the loss of client data and the (criminal) misuse of it by a rival agency
  • A training company which had developed software products incorporating fragments of its competitor’s code
  • A software supplier seeking to enforce the terms of its software licences against a major customer
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