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Brexit: what next?



The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union and is heading for Brexit. This may not be what many expected and there has been much speculation about the long term implications of this decision for UK and international businesses.

One thing we know, at least, is sure: Brexit won’t happen immediately. There won’t be any drastic changes until the process is complete, and despite the immediate effects on the financial and currency markets, EU laws will continue to apply to the UK and Britain will continue to participate in other European Union business as normal until then.

Bristows, as a firm and community of professionals, is used to working in a global environment and under many challenging and changing circumstances, and this is also true of our clients in the life sciences, technology, media and telecoms sectors. We are currently talking with and listening to our clients. We are working with them as we look at how their businesses might be affected by the various models so they are better prepared as events unfold.

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