From designing and manufacturing computer hardware to developing business critical enterprise applications and software solutions, our clients are at the heart of the TMT sector. Our work with these innovative companies as well as those consultants and service providers who complement the industry is very much at the heart of what we do.

Clients range from public entities to start-ups to many of the world’s largest technology companies and they all come to Bristows for the depth of our experience combined with our genuine enthusiasm for the technology involved. We can easily identify the issues and opportunities facing them and the likely impact on their overall business.


Cloud computing offers many benefits as a flexible storage solution and a model for maximising shared resources. While this sort of “on-demand” computing is an exciting tool for service providers and users alike, there are any number of legal issues to be considered in order to use it effectively.

We have worked with global cloud services providers, start-ups, end-users and even insurers on the complex legal matters involved. From drafting terms and conditions to examining data security to advising on funding, growth strategies and corporate governance, our lawyers are recognised authorities on the legal and regulatory challenges posed by cloud computing and the best practices employed by both providers and users.

Network operators

Bristows has a rich history in this area dating back to the firm’s founding when we drafted the patent agreement for the first electrical telegraph. Since that time, our practice has developed into a robust offering and today we are proud to represent some of the biggest players in the industry across a range of contentious and non-contentious matters.

We advise network operators on everything from joint ventures and licensing of wireless and fixed line technologies through to interpreting the regulatory regime that governs the provision and use of communications networks, as well as on outsourcing the maintenance – or even operation – of their core systems.


Bristows is particularly well placed to handle matters affecting the mobile industry where the convergence of technologies and content feature prominently. Not only have we worked closely with key players involved in the “mobile phone wars” of recent years, but we also regularly advise clients on the use of mobile platforms to enhance their business which includes regulatory, commercial and IP issues.

We are able to draw on skills from specialisms across our firm and most of our team have technological backgrounds, including several to doctorate level: clients tell us that this gives us a key advantage over many of our competitors.

Future Technologies

You can count on us to be at the forefront of developments in the TMT sector. We love what we do. The technical background of many of our lawyers heightens our enthusiasm for knowledge and understanding of all things tech. We continually develop our expertise in areas that we see emerging and are currently working in the following developing hot spots:


Social media has transformed the way in which businesses and consumers interact. Those who develop and provide the platforms as well as the brands who use them come to us to help navigate the legal, commercial and practical issues involved with doing business in this space.

We work with a number of major social media platforms as well as the up-and-comers and are perfectly positioned to advise any new contender looking to break into this increasingly competitive area. We also work with traditional businesses looking to harness “the power of social” to help them engage with their audience through multiple channels.


Our team advises on all legal aspects of doing business online, from online liability to search engine licensing and the legal issues associated with online advertising and e-commerce. As technologies continue to converge, our clients are increasingly coming to us for advice that demands a multi-disciplinary approach for managing their presence or doing business online.

We are also at the forefront of the new Digital Single Market strategy, and how it will improve and change online businesses.


The adtech team at Bristows offers a ‘one-stop-shop’, where transactional and litigious specialists across the firm work closely together. This collaboration means that, whether faced with an adtech issue or a proposed transaction, you can be assured that we will find a solution whilst taking into consideration all possible legal angles. Our experience comes from long term relationships with global brands, advertising agencies, online publishers, website owners, ISPs and corporate finance houses.


Bristows’ multi-disciplinary team has an excellent understanding of the content-related issues our clients face. We have positioned ourselves to advise clients on the distribution of content over new and emerging tech platforms and to take advantage of opportunities provided by these developments.

Our clients range from internationally renowned media companies to start-ups including broadcasters, agencies, production companies, distributors, rights holders and online content and service providers across all media platforms. We also use our expertise to advise companies outside of the media space who are new to media rights and content.

Games & Interactive Content

Bristows advises on the full range of legal services surrounding companies involved in the games and interactive entertainment industry. We assist both established and growing organisations throughout their life cycles.

In addition to working for online giants, we act for some of the most renowned organisations in the computer games sector. We have recently acted in one of the biggest ever patent cases in the gaming world.


The team at Bristows has been instructed by many ground-breaking app companies for help with licensing deals, M&A transactions and commercial disputes. We are sought by B2C app businesses for our experience with data management and data protection compliance. We also advise them on sales and privacy terms as well as with anything related to outsourcing contracts. In a similar way, we advise B2B app developers on their contracts with clients who often vary from advertising agency to multinational brands.

Digital Health

Digital health is an exciting area for Bristows. With plenty of scientists and technology enthusiasts among our lawyers, we are not only able to keep up with industry trends but we are, perhaps more importantly, able to understand the science and technology behind them as well as the legal issues that may arise. From health apps and the collection of healthcare data to the development of new software and technologies, we are able to draw on the depth of knowledge and experience of our leading Life Sciences and TMT practices to offer a complete legal offering.


The relationship between property and technology is experiencing a boost of innovation at the moment. From new materials, designs and processes to online trading platforms and investment software, technology is transforming nearly every aspect of the Real Estate industry. At Bristows, we bring experts from the property world and the technology world together to focus on emerging themes such as smart cities, connected buildings and clean tech and how they might impact and revolutionize the way our clients engage with this sector.


Within our TMT focus, we have significant experience in the Fin Tech industry working with the full range of companies from disruptive innovators to major corporates. We understand what drives entrepreneurs and how to frame robust legal advice without alienating our entrepreneurial clients. We regularly advise start-up businesses, seeing them through from incubator to listing. We also work with a number of major financial services organisations on the implementation and integration of innovative technologies into their business.


Cleantech is an ever evolving industry involving some of the most innovative companies focused on sustainability and efficiency. We advise many organisations developing, acquiring, commercialising or investing in clean technologies. Our clients come from a diverse range of areas, including biofuels, biomass, waste, nuclear, solar and wind (on-shore and off-shore) and we work seamlessly with start-ups and SMEs, research institutions, multinational companies and public-private partnerships, as well as private equity and venture capital investors.